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Multi-hand Blackjack Game

Since the introduction of online blackjack in the mid-1990s, software developers have been coming up with new and exciting ways to enjoy the game. Cryptologic, creator of some of the world’s most popular video slots, offers a multiple-handed blackjack game that is unlike any other.

Multi-Hand Blackjack


While many online casinos software developers have introduced blackjack games that allow players to bet against the same dealer more than once in a single hand, only Cryptologic allows players to bet against multiple dealers—in fact, up to 250 of them—at once and with the same hand. This type of game requires players to completely adjust all of the familiar strategies that they use on a day-to-day basis.

An Example

Suppose a player wants to play a game of multi-blackjack against 10 dealers at once and decides to play 100 games in total. If that player were to bet $1.00 per game, the total amount of the bet would be $100.00—on a single hand. Once the cards are dealt to the player and each of the 10 dealers, the computer software compares the cards and the player is paid out accordingly. Of course, the player will lose bets in which the dealer win but they will also win money when they manage to beat the dealer.

Earning Money Quickly

This version of online blackjack can be compared to slot machines with multiple paylines; the player only has one hand to bet upon, but there are a number of ways for that one hand to win. Players should be careful when playing this game, however, as it can become easy to get carried away and lose everything on one hand. Like any other game of blackjack, players should set and adhere to wagering limits while playing.

Players who are looking for a completely new blackjack experience will certainly appreciate everything that Cryptologic’s multi-blackjack offering can provide. While it can be quite costly, the potential for huge winnings is definitely there.