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football Are you looking for a bookmaker who offers a completely free fantasy football game?If you have not gotten a Ladbrooks account yet, then sign up and possibly win 100 pounds in free football bets along with a chance to win a trip to a European football match. When you decide to open an account with Ladbrooks football, you know you are dealing with a very reputable company which has high regard for its customers.

Ladbrooks football will settle all bets and has extremely fast crediting of your account shortly afterwards. Ladbrooks allows almost instant withdrawal form your Neteller account so there is no waiting a couple of days for your money. For this reason alone is a very good reason to sign up with the worlds number one bookmakers.

How do you go about playing? The Ladbrooks football site gives you a budget to select 11 players and a manager. This may seem like a lot in comparison to other sites, but you will find yourself stretched before long with the likes of Didier Drogba, and Carlos Tevez coming in at 22 Million pounds each! Start off with low budget players and replace them as you can afford to do so.

The most important decision is to pick your formation; Ladbrooks football offers four different ways to set it up. Midfielders get 3 points for an assist, 4 points for a goal. They will likely accrue more points than a striker which get 3 points for a goal and nothing for an assist. Defenders get 1 point for a clean sheet. A 3-5-2 formation might be a good call.

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Sometimes it is worth spending the cash on a manager that is decent, especially when you get 5 points if their team wins. Having a good goal keeper is also a good move, with 2 points being deducted when someone scores on them. A goal keeper clean sheet is worth double that of an outfield player.

With 12 selections available you can only have 3 for each club, this should not be a problem because of your budget.

You must also pick a captain for your ladbrooks football team. A suggestion is to pick one of your premium infielders with the recipient receiving double points. The earlier you start picking your team the more time you will have to get it just right before the season starts.

Ladbrooks football offers you a complete football betting experience with interactive betting 24 hours a day 7 days a week and customer service that is second to none. Open your account at Ladbrooks today.

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